Luftwaffe Confidential

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This remarkable book describes the little known multitude of experimental and advanced military aircraft that were dreamed of, designed, built and often flown successfully, in Germany in the period before and during the Second World War. German aeronautical engineers supported by outstanding research workers in laboratories and universities, were thinking and working, in secret, years ahead of their time. They anticipated many of the important technical advances in aerodynamics, materials and aircraft propulsion that were generally adopted in the immediate post war years. They also looked far ahead in anticipation of space flight.The book demonstrates how the development of aviation in all other countries benefited subsequently from German experience and discoveries. Teams of experts from the victorious powers were sent to find and capture as much technical information as possible. Of even greater importance was the importation, by one means and another, to the USA, USSR and Britain, of personnel. Many brilliant and imaginative engineers from German industries found work in the post war aviation industry. Werner von Braun, a name fo­rever associated with the development of rockets, was the best known but he was only one of many whose value to the future became inestimable.The book, drawing on searches through private and public archives in Germany, Brazil and Argentina, will become essential for aviation enthusiasts and library collections everywhere. The author, Claudio Lamas de Farias and the illustrator Daniel Uhr, have every reason to be proud of their work. Martin Simons

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