Welcome to Eqip Publishing

Eqip Werbung und Verlag GmbH was founded in 1998 by Olaf Schumacher and Klaus Fey in Königswinter near Bonn as an advertising agency. The interest of the company founders in aviation, gliding and especially in history brought the first historical calendars as early as 1999 and over the years several titles on the history of gliding and aviation.

Seit Jahr 2009 hat das Unternehmen seinen Sitz in Bonn. Seit 2010 entstand hier auch das Magazin „LuftSport“. Im Mai 2022 wurde dieses an den Helko-Verlag in Koblenz abgegeben. Alles Weitere hierzu auf : https://www.luftsportmagazin.de






The VGC News is the organ of the Vintage Glider Club, the world's largest association of historic glider owners. In addition to reports on its worldwide activities, readers will find historical articles from around the world in each issue. Scale model builders will find excellent sources for their activities in the magazine. The magazine can be obtained through membership of the Vintage Glider Club. www.vintagegliderclub.org/