Workshop Practice for Building and Repairing Wooden Gliders


The English Translation of the German classic, Werkstattpraxis für den Bau von Gleit- und Segelflugzeugen BY Hans Jacobs and Herbert Lück. How do you build, maintain and repair wooden gliders?

Hans Jacobs (designer of Weihe, Meise, Kranich, Habicht, and many more famous sailplanes of the 1930s and 1940s) wrote the book, called Werkstattpraxis, to aid the growing sport of gliding in Germany in the early 1930s. Its effect on pre-World War II glider building was electrifying. He updated it several times up through the 1950s, always in German. Today the book is as applicable as ever for those maintaining and restoring wooden vintage sailplanes or aiming to build new wooden gliders or vintage replicas. For those interested in the history and development of soaring it is a must-read. The Vintage Sailplane Association has now finished its translation, a 25-year volunteer project, for English-speaking readers and is making it available this summer. Editors: Neal Pfeiffer and Simine Short Published by the Vintage Sailplane Association, fisrt in July, 2016.  This translated edition includes an Addendum of up-to-date information prepared by Neal Pfeiffer, Ph.D. for those wanting to produce or repair wooden sailplanes in today’s world, a valuable addition for safety, convenience. Hard, full-color cover, 384 pages, with 338 black and white figures and gray scale photos. Appendix highlights thirteen vintage German glider types from the 1930s and 1940s each with photo and 3-view drawing.

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