Glasflügel – Eugen Hänle – Pioneer in fiberglass aircraft design



Of course, this is also a book about the legendary Libelle and the other Glasflügel types, their origin and development, their numerous optimizations and their successes. But it is much more than that.

Wolfgang Binz has meticulously researched how GRP pioneers Eugen and Ursula Hänle got started, how the company Glasflügel emerged from the slipway in the living room kitchen, which companions and also competitors accompanied the Hänles. He also tells of the countless hurdles that had to be overcome and problems that were never lacking. And at the latest after Eugen Hänle’s tragic death, the story even turns into an economic drama of a kind one could hardly have imagined. After reading this book, glider pilots will have a different impression of Eugen Hänle and Glasflügel than before.
Also described are the rescue attempts and the preservation of Glasflügel’s heritage by Hanko and Christian Streifeneder.

Nearly five hundred photos, documents and drawings (including numerous large-format three-page views) turn a reference book into a feast for the eyes and a treasure trove for glider pilots and model builders.

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Die Englische Ausgabe des Buches

Gleicher Aufmachung, Umfang wie die deutsche Ausgabe

Hardcover, 272 Seiten, Format  240 x 300 mm, mit etwa  500 Fotos, Zeichungen und ganzseitigen 3-Seiten-Ansichten

ISBN 978-3-00-070878-7

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